Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Where I'm Going with Comics

I've never made a personal statement about where I want to take my art. I've always believed that an artist should be flexible, and be able to respond to the commercial need or essence of whatever he's making. I get pushed an pulled around whenever I see great art - It makes me swing back and forth! So here's the direction, in regard to drawing comics, that I want to head - I need to fuse the following artists and recombine it with what I know; Mike Mignola - layout and style, 'Cheeks' Sean Galloway - finding the perfect line & Claire Wendling - Composition and beauty. There's probably more!

I can go about the creation two ways; digitally or traditional. I always lean towards digital but It might be due to laziness. If I can't get myself a Cinteq sooner or later then I want to start doing layouts on paper, and get back into the habit of inking too. The final look i'm interested in is clean lined, simple coloured main characters and painterly backgrounds, similar to a disney or anime sensibility.

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