Saturday, January 15, 2011

Zbrush: Mignola Sculpt Part Duo

Progress: Blocked in the arms and feet, detailed wings and touched up the rest. Hands and feet need some attention. Threw on some colour for fun.

I need to kick it up another subdiv but I'm scared ... oh how I'm scared.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Zbrush: Mignola Sculpt Part Uno

Happy New Year everyone ... first post of 2011! This is a year that's really bad for my signature ... that eleven is a tricky one ... no full round numbers you see.
I'm currently back on the Zbrush bandwagon and honing my sculpting skills... you can see here a devil I bashed out today ... started as Zspheres, skinned and taken into Maya for a clean-up (proud to say the entire thing's 100% quads ... not a tri to be found! I spent the time on retopology to get the best results out of Zbrush), then back into Zbrush to be subdivided and scultped. Lots of fun ... it's only mid-range poly count for these larger details. I might try to push my PC for hi-def sculpting, but my money's on the rust-bucket imploding under the strain. The plan is to get the details transferred onto normal maps to apply to my original 4.5k poly model - just because normal maps are cool.

Oh, I was inspired by Mignola-style devils for this one ... thus the cartoony proportions.