Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Ophelia Twist | the artful dodger

Ophelia Twist, orphan female 13 years, was sentenced by His Magesty's court to be transported to the Lunar Colony of Van Daemon's Convict Settlement, for the term of her natural life, to be hastily sent forth-width via Aerial Ballonsphere, for the wretched crime of theft (Bread Loaf & sundry).

This is a story idea that's been kicking around my head and some of my sketchbooks. Essentially a sci-fi-steam-punked version of Oliver Twist, a young Ophelia is trained by Fagan, Master Thief, in the arts of pickpocket, acrobatics and lockpicking. Her escapades bring her and her thief clan into conflict with the cold-hearted Governor-General and troops of the moon-colony. The little fury guy is a rat-weasel, vermin trained as familiars who squeeze through tight holes to poach keys, etc. The penal colony itself is a warren of over-built walkways, wooden houses and smoke belching factories. The elite of the colony live on balloon-floating, upper platforms.

Would also make for a cool game!

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