Sunday, May 16, 2010

Dryad v1

I've been crunching down on Zbrush as hard as possible over the last week, burning midnight oil and making sure my graphics pipeline is as smooth as disco. Although I'm down with the theory, I'm not as drilled as I'd like - too much managment and too little practicle. But after a few bumps I'm pretty easy with the Maya > Zbrush > Maya thing. But two things I'm not happy with; (re)topology (not snapping to the old mesh? C'mon!) and creating adaptive skins from Zsketchs - I just can't seem to get a simple, clean mesh outa them. I think you have to go all hi-res and subdivided straight off the bat to get anything like fingers to remain after skinning. If anyone has some advice, let me know. The image above is a quick Zsketch of my Dryad concept - I'll think I take this one as far as possible.

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